Announcement: Haomaiweiye Machinery co.,LTD, was set up in 2001, is a professional factory for making woodworking machinery parts...

Graphite Coated Canvas Pressing Plate
Graphite Coated Canvas pressing plate
Sander Pressing Grinding beam
Pressure Segmented Belts
Elastic Liner

 Pingdu Haomai Woodworking Machinery Parts Factory was set up in 2001, is a professional factory for making woodworking machinery parts.

Our factory main applies to two broad heading products’ product and research and development:

First, Graphite Coated Canvas and the relevant products:

Our factory now owned the product line for model HD and model GC Graphite Coated Canvas is the third full CNC automatic production line followed by German HEESSMANN Company and America PEC Company. Our production capacity can meet all of the world's sander user demand for such products.

Second, pressure belts:

All import materials, product by the equipment and production process that we independent research and development. The quality is approaching Germany and Italy products. And exported to Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland and other countries and regions.

General type: Pressure chevron belts, Narrow segmented pressure belts, Plastic and metal surfaces, Wide segmented pressure belts.

Our factory product other sander accessories: Pull type graphite cloth pressing plate, Sponge Wheel, Sander Gasbag, Thickness Sensor, Brake and Brake Pads, Sander Guide, Sander Felt, Sander Damping Pad and so on.

Our factory product all kinds of edge banding machine chain block and rubber wheels, mating edge banding machine type include HOMAG, IMA, WEIBER, FRAVOL, QINGDAO, SCM, IDM, WADKIN and other edge banding machine.



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